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WOZA Rhino 
Caffeine 4 Conservation

1kg R 328
500g R 178
250g R 98
20g R 15


Bulk Discount Available


Fit 4 Coffee

#WozaRhino - Rise Up Rhino

WOZA Rhino Coffee is busy grinding

'Where caffeine and conservation meet"

🦏 Feed Rhino Orphans with Caffeine and Compassion!


Sip 4 Purpose: Woza Rhino Coffee supports the "Remember the Milk" campaign by Fit 4 Rhinos.


Every caffeine-filled cup helps nourish rhino orphans.

A percentage of profits will be donated by Fit 4 Rhinos to the Rhino Connect charity as part of the #rememberthemilk campaign.

Sip 4 Purpose

#WozaRhino - Rise Up Rhino

Join our group of caffeine aficionados on a mission to #sip4purpose and save rhino orphans—one cup at a time!


No spam, just hilarious coffee hacks (1-2 per month) that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.


Fit 4 Taste

#WozaRhino - Rise Up Rhino

Taste - It's like a rich, velvety dark chocolate and nut fiesta in your mouth. Full body? You bet! Acidity? Nah, it's chillin' on vacation.

Aroma - It's so enticing; it's like the coffee's way of saying, 'Hey there, chocolate lover!'

Origin - It's the 100% Arabica superstar, specially handpicked from the South American coffee heavens. This stuff is the real bean deal!

Intensity - We'd rate it 4/5 on the 'Wake-up and Dance' scale. Your taste buds are in for a jittery, flavor-packed plunge!😄

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