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Kenzie's 13 Peaks Adventure 2022


Knott A Small Feat - 13 Peaks by Kenzie 4 Rhinos

Mackenzie Knott is an enthusiastic cross country runner and mountain trail adventurer from Rallim Preparatory School.

She is in Grade 3 and turned 9 years old in April.

Kenzie has completed 3 big mountain challenges to date, and is looking to complete her 2nd 13 Peak multi-day attempt to raise funds for the Rhino Babies under the care of Rhino Connect NPO.

Kenzie started taking to the trails a year ago and loves the outdoors. She has a soft spot for animals and nature.

She wants to help play her part in saving these beautiful animals and bring awareness to the problems they face.







Please follow her 13-Peaks-6-days journey and help by sponsoring her efforts for 3 Rhino Orphans (Joey, David and Monica)

















Your donation will be used to buy Fat Free Milk to feed these little ones. Yes, they are chubby, but the Fat Free Milk is not a weight loss gimmick to manage their physiques LOL

The carbohydrate and lipid content of Fat Free Milk, closely resemble that of real Rhino Mom's Milk and is one of the best alternative to ensure these babies grow up strong enough to fend for themselves in the wild one day.

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