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Exercise Challenges For Charity

The Plan

Join our exercise challenges for charity and help save our rhinos!

The aim of the fundraiser campaigns for 2022 and beyond, is to raise much-needed funds for all emergencies relating to feeding of  baby rhinos, veterinarians, day to day management and security costs, and related rhino conservation initiative for privately funded facilities.


In terms of the ''end game,'' the idea is to promote #fitnesswithpurpose where ordinary athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, gym junkies) would be participating in wacky exercise challenges and events to raise funds for specific anti-poaching projects and rhino conservation for the Private Sector. 


We are also planning a number of virtual and real-life events, contests, rhino games, predictive bidding, etc (the concept is almost like Superbru) for 2024.

The funds will derive from people donating to predict finishing times, challenge winners, average pace, top speed (Strava metrics like that) OR simply donating towards a specific item (milk, drones, electricity, anti-poaching devices etc.)


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