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Fitness Challenges For Charity

Join me,
Liezl @FitGirl4Rhinos, as we enhance rhino awareness through a range of epic fitness challenges. 

"Whatever causes you to drop your plan forward and open to your vision, your own, deeply personal vision of what your life could be at its very best, that's what I call meeting your rhinoceros."

Martha Beck.

How fitness challenges for charity became a part of my story...

I met my Rhinoceros, many moons ago actually, on a trip to the Hluhluwe National Park. As avid wildlife watchers, and frequent visitors to the BPOE (Best Place On Earth aka Kruger National Park), hubby and I decided to broaden our tourist horizons from Mpumalanga to KZN for a change.


Up to this point, my career was everything and THE PLAN set out: build a recruitment empire second to none, make a ton of money, and then travel the world.


This all changed in June 2016, when we met Roxy (that's what we named her) and her Mom. She was all for shenanigans and thought we were her newest playmates, mock charging, running circles around our vehicle for probably an hour.


What struck me about her Mom, was the ''trust'' she placed in our human presence, never coming closer, just watching in the background while Roxy (and us!) were having a ball.


And there the idea was born of getting involved with Anti-Poaching in some way or another. Being a girl and all for women's lib, I was still realistic about the fact that soldiering through the African bush on all fours, trying to catch poachers, was probably not going to be the easiest career to get into, living in Gauteng.


So then I thought about making a difference on the other end...the aftermath of poaching....What happens to the babies left behind? Who looks after them?


As with most great ideas generated when on holiday, life get's in the way once you're back in the rat race. Not an excuse, just reality. Life got in the way for 5 years in my case LOL. The dream was still there, but the old ''never the right time'', ''let me just complete this, do that'' took preference over making a difference to the lives of Rhino Orphans. (stupid move, but true)


It was only when lockdown made our world grind to a standstill, that I had time to pull the dream from the neurological archives to flesh out some sort of a structure, plan, to-do list. Still another two years down the line of wussy footing around, but finally here we are.


Do I have a perfect strategy in place? HELL NO!


Is the vision clear? YOU BET! Making a difference to the fate of Rhino Babies and do whatever possible to ensure their survival, and ultimately their freedom back into the wild where they belong.


HOW? Use #fitnesswithpurpose through the #fit4rhinos fundraising initiatives we have planned for the year. But, I can't do this alone. 


Want to DONATE? - Head over to our donation page.

Want to PARTICIPATE? - Would love to have you as a team member, please pop us a message.

Want to IDEATE? - If you have an idea for a weird and wacky challenge, let us know.

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