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#thethursday30 - 70ties/80ties style!

#throwbackthursday and NOPE you will click in vain for the sound LOL (gonna have to visit my Insta Profile for that) @fitgirl4rhinos

Amazing what hidden treasures one finds when packing up the house....wig, bandana, clips, cassettes (half of you won't know what this even is🤣) and a T-shirt from WAY WAY back in the day.


80ties fashion sucked😱, but the music was fantastic right? (Also heard that 70ties fashion is making a comeback....unconfirmed)😁


Today's 30mins playlist, brings back two decades of 👌MUSIC


1. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer

2. Def Leppard - Animal

3. Queen - Hammer to Fall

4. AC/DC - Guns for Hire

5. Joan Jets and the Black Hearts -I love Rock & Roll

6. The Who - Baba O'Riley

7. Doobie Brothers - China Grove

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