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George Mountain Ultra 100Km
18 June 2022
Completed - 21h15m 

The Hemp Runner is at it again. 100km, 4500m elevation and a few mountains for good measure. ETA? Well, at this point, that depends on things like calves, knees and determination (our bet is on the latter).


Gosh, the dude went all out on training for this one, even spending time on a stationary bike! (#strangethingshappen at Fit 4 Rhinos).

The WHY is simple: create awareness for the plight of Baby Rhinos and raise funds to buy much needed Milk for these little ones.

We would like to raise funds to the value of 1000 six-pack cartons of Long Life Skimmed Milk. Although you get special formula milk available, the privately funded facilities cannot always afford the price premium on this, hence using cow's milk as an alternative.



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