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The Story behind our Rhino Moon 

A Rhino Moon is held during the full moon period of the month - traditionally referred to

as “poacher’s moon” when poachers are known to be most active

because of the brightness of night enabling them to spot Rhinos easily.

A #Renostermaan or #Rhinomoon weekend is a great way to experience first hand, what rhino conservation is all about. During this weekend - and depending on the project that you attend - we will provide you with loads of factual information and real - life experience about private rhino ownership, rhino behavior and wild - life management.


This entails working shoulder to shoulder with Anti-Poaching Units. This boots on the ground experience allows individuals to become directly and proactively involved in fence patrols, rhino monitoring and a variety of other educational programs, while working side by side with reserve staff caring for rhinos on private reserves.


Security is of the highest priority and all participants must undergo a vetting process prior to participation.

Activities will include:

Introduction to spoor tracking

Antipoaching and observation skills

Rifle handling and target shooting (not at our rhinos!)

Fence patrolling

Rhino monitoring

Included are meals and accommodation, ample game viewing, bushwalks and full moon patrols. All ages are welcome!

The #Rhinomoon project is solely focused on rhino conservation and protection!


Hermanus Getaway





Support us with donations for rhino charity. Start by donating R250 or more to our project and you may be eligible for a Hermanus weekend away (which includes 2 nights accommodation for 2, a meals voucher for Lizette's and a Walkerbay Adventures Sea Kayaking Experience).

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